Water surface simulation and rendering with self-developed engine

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

This thesis' first part presents the Egg (Engine for Games with Graphics) game engine and its implementational details, both its usage and extensibility. First the inicialization phase and the resource loading are discussed, then the system's scene management, meaning the behaviour of objects, the user inputs and the camera usage. Afterwards I describe the implemented post processing mechanism, and some of the efficiency related solutions. These are the object transformation matrix cache mechanism and the usage of particle systems and geometry shaders.

In the thesis' second part, I describe the water surface simulation, first the physical model of the wave motion, the positions and normal vectors of the water particles, then an approximation formula of the normal vectors. Finally, we discuss implementational details related to the water surface simulation, the frequency of calculations, the floating objects, the necessary density of vertices and the proper shading of the water surface.


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