Developing a WPF Client for Google Calendar

OData support
Cserkúti Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Google Calendar is one of the most popular applications that can record events calendar, and we can schedule daily tasks. We can have opportunities for creating new appointments, deadlines, creating recurring events, for which we can assign an e-mail or SMS notifications. The Google Calendar applications biggest advantage is that it can be used from several devices at almost any time. To do this, it is enough to have only one valid Google Account ID and an active Internet connection.

Nowadays there has been more and more emphasis on applications that can work regardless of Internet connectivity, so the data used by the application is available not only via network, but on the local storage device as well. The usage of such applications is the most widespread in most devices which can not be connected to the internet all the time, whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet, or even a desktop computer. These kind of smart client applications in case of offline usage can store the data in file, or in a database which the user can work at any time with. When the user runs the application again in online mode, he/she can have opportunity to synchronize data, which ensures that any changes made in both local and remote data storage appear.

It can be a problem for more users, that the Google service in case of desktop computer usage is only available online, but that could be a problem as well that the web application does not provide adequate user experience. The smart client application which was part of the degree plan, provides a solution to these problems, these aspects have been focused during the design and implementation. I present that how the ergonomic interfaces, effects and animations can be designed with Windows Presentation Foundation. In order to increase the reliability of the application, it should be ensured that the long-time recipient of the application tasks run asynchronously, and does not prevent the user from further jobs.


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