Multi-device web-based front-end for collaborative modeling

OData support
Dr. Varró Dániel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Since model-centric approaches in industrial software engineering are rapidly gaining popularity, Model Driven Engineering (MDE), featuring multi-user environments are being recognized as services of key importance in a hastened pace, including collaboration and related features (such as version management, conflict resolution, model migration and merging), thus current generation of modeling and model management technologies are pushed to their limits.

In order to cope with these challenges in MDE, the MONDO project (that I have joined at the beginning of my thesis) aims to develop the theoretical foundations and an open-source cloud-based platform for scalable modeling and model management.

The goal of my thesis was to contribute to the researches of the MONDO project by designing and developing a web-based, multi-device solution for collaborative modeling scenarios, defined in a wind turbine control system domain. By the end of my work, I have managed to implement the initial version of an online collaboration framework that is capable of generating collaboration sessions, using EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework) based resources. The system supports multiple devices, such as personal computers or tablets and offers its users an interface to manage the generated collaboration sessions and after joining them, to edit the content of the corresponding model. Upon finishing collaboration sessions, the framework is able to persist the modifications made in the models as well.


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