End-to-end Test Automation of a Web Application

OData support
Dr. Erős Levente
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

During end-to-end testing, we examine the application as a whole, and the business processes from start to finish in order to simulate real use-case scenarios, and to validate the integrity of system components and data. All of this after the functional testing of each module, and the system testing, when we are convinced about the system is in compliance with the technical requirements and each element is functional.

The purpose of my thesis is the automation of the end-to-end testing of a web application with a three-layered architecture – the layers being, a web-based user interface, an application server and a relational database – through the user interface. The task includes the selection of the framework, the compilation and implementation of the test cases, the interpretation of test results, and the iteration of these steps if necessary. Further goal is for the tests to be impervious to newly emerging change requests as much as possible.

During my work I planned and implemented automate tests for two functions, what will be detailed in my thesis.


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