Node.js based web application development with NoSQL database

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

It’s happened with everyone that he would have liked to go to party, or would have spent a pleasant and intimate date with his significant other, or maybe would have danced through the whole night, but he had no idea where to go to fulfill his desires. The web application created by me is intended to solve this problem in a fast and simple way. The application is available at and can be executed by running the attached project. The installation guide is accessible in the attachment.

This dissertation shows the process of making the application, started from the interpretation of the project, what functions I planned to implement in the project. After that I will show some nonfunctional requirement, which I raised against my webpage then I will write about the planning of the application and the process and difficulties of the implementation.

I will show what technologies I used to write the web application and guide through the planning process from the begining of the project to the implementation. After that I will write about the implementation process, finishing with how I made the project accessable from anywhere.


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