Synchronization of Web Forms Based on HTML5 Technology

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In our modern world internet is essential part of our lives. It helps us in may areas of life, let it be the orientation in the daily news, contacting our friends, common work or just entertainment. This is the result of an accelerating process, which is continuing and more and more new technologies are emerging. It is worth to deal with these technologies, because beside of the large market potential, for an engineer there are many new exciting solutions waiting to be explored.

Such relatively new technology is HTML5, which is present for some time, but wider support for it only formed in recent years. Motto of HTML5 says „The future is in your browser”, which refers to the fact, that there is a wide cooperation behind unifying and modernizing the web. This is an interest both for the developers and the end users.

The subject of my dissertation is strongly dependent on the possibilities of HTML5 technologies, which I will demonstrate in detail as well. Thereafter I will guide the reader through the implementation of a modern web application from the design phase all the way to the testing. Finally I will evaluate if my goal was achieved.


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