Automatic Generation of Test Documentation for Web Pages

OData support
Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Within my thesis, I had to create a kind of framework and software that make the testing process easier by being able to generate documentations automatically for the mechanism of the testable web page.

This thesis contains a documentation in which I focus on the design and the implementation of the mentioned software. Therefore, the algorithms, that make the main functions of the software are described in detail, however the methods that are not neccessary for understanding the mechanism of the program are left out.

The description of each part of the software is included. As well the principles of the connection of the parts can be found in this thesis.

To make the programme structure and steps of construction more understandable a study with UML 2.0 diagrams has been made. Furthermore, over the structure , the usage of the software is also demonstrated with a diagram, that follows this standard.

The thesis does not only contain the documentation of the software but as well the testing opportunities, briefly the used framework, the testing steps and the evaluation of the process.


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