Wireframe editor application on .NET platform

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, as Information Technology is finding its way to more and more people, co-operation between computer scientists and customers is becoming very current. Unfortunately, though, experience has shown that a huge number of IT projects fail partly or completely. Most of these failures are caused by common misunderstandings and lack of communication. Many times the parties have very different vision of the same project.

The main aim of wireframing tools is enabling us to effectively and quickly visualize the user interface of a future application at a low price. This makes it easier to get feedback from users, to negotiate with customers and wireframing also helps us finding issues with the design even before doing any implementation.

The goal of my thesis is the analysis of wireframing tools and user interface design through the designing and implementation of a .NET wireframing application.

In the beginning of my thesis I present the concept of user experience (UX) and its importance in user interface design. I will highlight the keys to usable interfaces with good user experience. We are going to see that sketches, wireframes are cheap but very powerful tools for communicating ideas.

After establishing the solid ground of UX theory we are ready to dig into something more practical. I am going to introduce two popular wireframe designers. We will go through their functions, options and based on this experience I am going to prepare the specification of my own designer application.

Just before looking into the application I am going to go over the necessary technology background first. The review of the application is broken into three sections. To begin with, I will highlight the functions of the application from the users’ perspective. Next, I move on to review the architecture and datamodel. Finally, I will put focus on the specified functions and their implementation background.

In the final chapter I will touch upon the testing of the application and I will bring on some ideas for further development.


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