Wireframe editor application on .NET platform

OData support
Kis-Nagy Dániel Dávid
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Software projects on the market usually don’t fail because of technical problems or money/timing issues. Instead simple misunderstandings between the developers and customers can cause huge project risks. The developed application doesn’t exactly look like the way the customer would have wanted to or the users can’t find an easy use of the functions. An efficient, highly optimized implementation backend is in vain if we can’t use the functions easily through a well designed user interface.

With wireframe editors you can easily represent the user interface of your application with little effort, so you can coordinate with the customers or you can even ask the users about their opinion. Thus without one single line of code you can find major inconsistencies which could cause the whole project fail.

So in my thesis I present the designing of user interfaces by implementing an own wireframe editor application.

First I tell some words about the user experience in general, demonstrate the user-centered designing in a practical example as well as showing some methods which are used for testing purposes.

After this introduction I present the importance of making sketches and I show two popular wireframe editors. These applications are Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop and Axure RP Pro.

Then a little technologic introduction comes, in this chapter I demonstrate the frameworks and principles which I considered and used during the development of my application. So I tell some words about WPF and a very important architecture pattern called MVVM.

In the last chapter I present my own wireframe editor. After clarifying the requirements I show the usage of the application. Then I demonstrate the internal structure with diagrams and I tell some words about the methods I used for testing.

Finally I evaluate what I achieved in my thesis and propose some interesting further development opportunities.


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