Implementing a Z-buffer unit in FPGA

OData support
Szántó Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My task was to solve the visibility problem which is part of the three dimensional rendering. In my work I provide a survey of the used geometrical transformations during image synthesis, the math of the different steps and the different solutions to the visibility problem.

I discuss the various technologies used by different companies on the market, the developments during time and accommodation to the ever changing needs.

Thereafter I present the z-buffer module designed by me. During development I used the Xilinx ISE environment, unitized the built-in simulation to verify the functionality of my system. In my thesis I describe the different sub modules in detail, the function and the relation to each other.

My module implements segmented image rendering, the used memory is on-chip. I provide ways to read the finished segment while the module works on the next one. The maximum working frequency is 190 MHz, measured by the development environment.

In the end I mention the additional plans and solvable problems.


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