Jukebox with online music profile capabilities

OData support
Simon Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Although you can find applications that are able of building and playing music profiles of users among today's web services or web applications, few of them are free and able to do both. There aren't any general-use services either that can do the aforementioned and identify songs or additionally keep a song's musical data up-to-date.

There are database systems that contain song metadata and services which use complex text search or acoustic fingerprinting to identify audio samples. Other systems build musical profiles based on songs that the users either uploaded or just listened to and of course these services are not completely free. Because these systems are basically isolated from each other on the Internet, it can be tedious to build a music profile and to keep your music collection's data up to date at the same.

Using completely free (and sometimes open source) solutions it is possible to create a new platform which binds these various services together. Such system would be equally useful to both users and the service's administrators. The users wouldn't have to register to multiple places to use all these functions and the webservice owners can easily create statistics and generate profiles.

The goal of my thesis is to create the basics of a system like that which uses a web service interface to communicate with outside systems. The data that comes from these outside services can be accessed with the help of ORM and are stored in a joint database. To demonstrate the functions of the web service a demo client application will be created too.


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