Smart Object alapú grafikus könyvtár fejlesztése MarkVIe folyamatirányító rendszerhez

OData támogatás
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Irányítástechnika és Informatika Tanszék

This thesis work was realized at the General Electric (GE) Oil and Gas Company in Budapest. The thesis presents the Mark Vie controller family, the Cimplicity development environment, its interface which can be used to modify the elements of the graphics library and the use of smart objects. Since GE is an American company it uses it is own standards and symbols but GE Companies in Europe and all other countries other than the USA may want to use their own standards, symbols in their libraries. Therefore, a new symbol set following local standards were created to be used on the European market. The graphics library is template based so I present how the modification of these templates happened and linked with Distributed Control Systems (DCS). The modification in the code is explained in details. The creation of new templates also required adding new code segments and changing existing ones. The new symbol set has been tested in the development environment and it worked properly so other symbols can be modified in a similar way if required.

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